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Within 24 hours, generate up to 1.8 eths per month for a 3-year period. The best and cheapest cloud mining service on the market.

100 mh/s
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1000 mh/s

Our Services

We give you MegaHashs without you having to physically own a machine. How many? All the ones you want!


We have all the MHs you want and for all budgets. In fact you can start with smaller packages (10, 25 or 50 Mh/s) to test the service or directly activate the best performing packages from 100, 300 or 1000 mh/s.


Within 24 hours of your payment, we will activate your cloud mining service.
What does this mean? You will be able to directly see on your wallet the Eths that has been assigned to you daily in relation to the contact that you have activated.


We give you 2 guarantees to make you understand how confident we are of our service. Whatever happens to the Ethereum validation protocol or to our company you will always be in an iron barrel 🙂


It would be great if you could use this service actively for as long as possible. Do you agree? Well, each cloud mining contract now has 3 years duration!


Cloud Mining Plans & Pricing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ethereum Mining Rules

If, during the time of the mining contract, the Ethereum Mining Rules prevent the original monthly profit due to block validation protocols changes (Proof of Stake), it will be possible to extract an alternative cryptocurrency. Everything will be done automatically and without any additional costs endured by the Customer.

Exceptional Events

If  the Service Provider could no longer provide the Service to the Customer, an assessment will be made of the ROI obtained by the Customer for the purchase of the mining eth contract, so as to proceed with a partial or total refund in value Wings Mobile products


Cloud Mining Features

Kit Fee

It is the cost of the package, paid only one time, that depends on the number of Mh purchased. The service is not active on Sundays for system maintenance.

Maintenance Costs

The maintenance cost is 10% of the monthly generation of each package. The cost is charged using bitwings (bwn): the official Wings Mobile currency. For more details see the contract under item number 8 Read Contract

Contract Duration

The contracts have a duration of 3 years. If it is no longer possible, by switching to another consent protocol (Proof of Stake), to be able to generate ethereum then an alternative cryptocurrency will be used. If exceptional events do not allow generating crypts, even in this case a refund will be made through Wings Mobile technology products.

Activation Fee

It is the cost to activate the package and it depends on the number of MegaHashs purchased. The payment takes place using an equivalent amount in bitwings (bwn): the official cryptocurrency of Wings Mobile. For more details see the contract under item 9 Read Contract

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You have a 24/7 support that will answer all your questions or concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the mined ETH be used just after its generation?

Of course.

How long will the activation of my account take?

3 years

Is there a renewal fee after the initial 3 years contract?


How long are the Guarantees that you provide valid?

Until the Cloud Mining system has generated Eths on your wallet equal to the number of the Kit Fee of the contract.

What will be the price if I want to upgrade from one package to another?

It is necessary to purchase another package keeping the previous one.

Can I switch between packages once I buy a smaller package?

No. You must buy a new one.

Residents of which countries will be able to use this cloud mining service?


Can we extend the mining contract after 3 years?


In case of block validation protocol changes, an alternative cryptocurrency will be possible to extract. Which cryptocurrencies are included?

All those cryptocurrencies that at the moment will be a valid alternative to ETH

How do we pay the maintenance costs?

By using bitwings if you already have them, thus receiving a strong discount, otherwise the system automatically subtracts them from the monthly profit.

Can I own more than one mining account at a time?


Which package is the best choice for beginners?

Everything depends on your pockets. We have packages of 10, 25 and 50 mhs that allow you to test the service at a very small cost.

Is there any immediate helpline you provide?

Certainly. A Live Chat

Cloud mining service also brings in great cyber threats. How do you counter that?

Eths are generated daily and therefore there is no risk that a hacker can influence this process.

Will the Mh/s rate fluctuate or stay the same all throughout the contract period?

It will always be the same with a 5% fluctuation

Can the Ethereum be mined in our Ethereum wallet, or will you provide us with an Ethereum Wallet?

Your own Ethereum wallet.

Can I combine two packages at a time?

Yes. Specifying the same destination wallet for both.

When alternative cryptocurrencies are offered during change of block validation protocol, does the guarantees stay the same?



Whatever happens to the Ethereum validation protocol or to our company you will always be in an iron barrel because we will change crypto or send you Wings Mobile products if the service is suspended.